"Well done Calypso"

" Dear Calypso. I saw you at the UK Dinghy Show in March and got an Ultrasonic Portable from you. I was slightly sceptical as I sail a dinghy and wondered how I would use it en route. I riveted the bracket to the top of the mast where it would get clean air and used it for the first time post-lockdown on a sail in Suffolk. I was impressed with the kit. The app worked well and I found it really nice to know wind strength and direction for my sail planning. The mapping was very accurate, but I hadn't allowed tracking record so wasn't able to see where I had been. Just need to find a way of carrying smartphone and battery pack in one case to have it on permanently.

Well done Calypso."

By: Matt Sharman

Calypso Ultrasonic Bluetooth ecosystem: one piece of hardware but multiple applications