Presenting CALYPSO CUPS 4.0 at Amsterdam METS 2014

 CALYPSO marine instruments presented Wind Equipment and Data Logger CUPS 4.0 and its app, ANEMOTRACKER at the Amsterdam METS 2014, the world's largest marine equipment trade show.

CUPS 4.0 is a wireless and self-powered (solar) anemometer that turns your tablet/smartphone into a wind instrument and data logger.

Thanks to a tiny solar cell (no 12V supply required) and using the latest bluetooth 4.0 (BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY), data is wireless sent to your device. No wiring is required, what makes Cups 4.0 light  and easy to install.

The free app ANEMOTRACKER, receives the data and displays real/apparent wind speed/direction and other sailing variables. ANEMOTRACKER can also record your navigation data, so you can later study and share your reach angle, VMG, etc...

"Smartphones have already revolutionised the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we work; sports trackers apps are quickly becoming popular and data mining/sharing is creating addiction all over. But what about sailing? We are going to see more and better smartphones, smartwatches and wearable gadgets on board, and we all want to get our sailing data on them. Instant data reading is king when sailing, but storing your navigation data is still today an extravagance out of the reach of most recreational sailors. At Calypso we have developed CUPS 4.0 and its app - Anemotracker- with the aim of making wind and navigation data user-friendly and affordable to all sailors through the use of smartphones and The Internet of Things."

Fernando Pascual, Director at Calypso Marine Instruments.

The ANEMOTRACKER app is freely available at Android Google Play and at the iOS App Store. Download the app, connect your mobile to the anemometer like you would do with any other Bluetooth device and you are all set! CUPS 4.0 uses Bluetooth 4.0, and therefore it needs smartphones or tablets supporting it; most modern mobiles are suitable, and all will be in the short term.

Easy to mount

One of the key features of this wind equipment is the fact that is really easy to install or replace. Since no cables are required it can be easily mounted on any flat surface of the boat using just four bolts. CALYPSO has developed a set of fixtures to make it even more easy to install, even portable if you wish.

- The front or side mast mount is an aluminium-made part that makes installation on masts, poles or wall really simple. The same part can be mounted in two positions so the anemometer always points to the bow

- The Rail mount is an ingenious piece designed to be clamped to any horizontal rail (25mm) on board, Regardless of the rail direction.  Just screw the two parts together around the rail and then place the CUPS 4.0 on its flat top surface. The part has a circular slot that allows CUPS 4.0 rotate until it points right to the bow. Then you can tighten the four bolts and is ready to use.

- Finally, you can use both parts together to install CUPS 4.0 on any vertical 25mm rail on board.

Introducing CUPS 4.0
Wireless        Self-powered          Easy-to-install            Affordable