Introducing CUPS 4.0
Wireless        Self-powered          Easy-to-install            Affordable

CUPS 4.0 is a wireless and self-powered (solar) anemometer that turns your tablet/smartphone into a wind instrument and data logger.

Thanks to a tiny solar cell (no 12V supply required) and using the latest bluetooth 4.0, data is wireless sent to your device. No wiring required, making Cups 4.0 light  and easy to install.

The free app SAILING ANEMOTRACKER, receives the data and displays real/apparent wind speed / direction and many more variables*. ANEMOTRACKER can also record your navigation data, so you can later study and share your reach angle, VMG, etc...**

SAILING ANEMOTRACKER is freely available at Android Google Play and at the iOS App Store. Download the app, connect like you would do it to any other bluetooth device and you are all set!

*Make sure that your device supports bluetooth 4.0

**Raw data available upor request. Automated server under development. 

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