How to update the firmware of the Portable Range.

Summer season is here and we like to have our equipment optimized and ready for use. For this reason, we have prepared a quick guide with some simple steps to update the firmware of your portable wind meter:


  • Before updating the firmware, make sure your battery level is fully charged. The update will require a large amount of battery power during the procedure so this extra step should not be omitted. This short video tutorial will show you what are the recommended steps for a Successful charge of the Ultrasonic Portable Mini. The Ultrasonic Portable Solar should ideally be charged outdoors. Nevertheless , in this video tutorial we will show you how to charge its battery level indoors & outdoors.

Note: The Ultrasonic Portable Mini should only be charged a maximum of 4 hours. Extended periods of charging may cause damage to the battery.

  • Turn the Bluetooth function on in your smartphone or tablet.

  • Use the Calypso Upgrader App, available for Android or IOS to update the firmware.

  • Press on the  “scan & connect” button for the App to identify your wind meter.

  • Once the wind meter is connected, press the “upgrade” button.

  • The firmware will take 5-10 min. approx. to update. A progress bar will show you the firmware update status along the procedure. 

In order to optimize the battery level, we highly recommend to charge your wind meter one more time after updating its firmware, as the update will reduce the battery level.

Once you have charged your wind meter one more time, check battery level in our free Anemotracker App

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