Calypso Ultrasonic Portable wind meter at J70 Tuning Regatta

A week ago the J70 Tuning Regatta took place in Tampa, Florida, where many sailors had a chance to bring the boat to the water and race. We were delighted to be part of this regatta with our Calypso Ultrasonic Portable wind meter.

Members of the jury and racing committee were using our wind sensor to monitor the wind information in their mobile devices

See the following video while the race was taking place here:


It has become a great choice for them in order to be able to track the wind speed and direction while sailing races. Their small size and the easy mounting system make it a very versatile device to bring from one boat to the other. Moreover, as it has Bluetooth connection to any device, it allows monitoring the wind data (True/Apparent wind - Speed/Direction) at real time in your smartphone/display and also tracking the information to conform the times of the regattas. 

Our sensor was also placed at the world's first fully robotic navigation buoy, featuring a battery-powered self-propelled motor and GPS technology to facilitate marker placement and repositioning, without the need for anchors or marker boats. They were able to tie the anemometer into the battery on the Bot. They then pair the Calypso to the phone that runs the Bot. “Works great”. (Ed, Sail22).

At Calypso Instruments we are open to collaborate with J70 associations and any other client who wants to measure wind with our device.

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