Technology has incredibly  evolved along the past few years and the value of the “data” has taken an important spot within sailors. As a result, many companies such as Calypso Instruments have developed ultrasonic wind meters which offer key information to the sailors to make important and decisive movements: which way do they turn the wheel or tiller to make the meter get to the desired place among others.

Whether you are a professional or amateur navigator, measuring wind speed and direction is absolutely a key factor to improve your sailing !

The handheld portable wind meter and the ultra low power ultrasonic wind meter from Calypso Instruments deliver high quality and accurate wind speed and direction data, allowing the user to measure the wind speed and direction in real time and connect it to a datalogger/display (Ultra Low Power) or connect it via bluetooth to the phone or Garmin watch with a free app (Portable wind meter).

Thanks to its small size, lightweight and robustness it is a perfect solution for getting wind speed and direction data while sailing. Whether you belong to any of the groups below, Calypso wind sensors are the solution for you!

Olympic Sailors/ Leisure Sailing

Sailing Clubs/ Federations/Associations  

Harbours and Marinas  

Racing Comittee and Coaches  

Boat Builders


Distributors and Retailers

Comercial Crafts


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