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Anemotracker App Tutorial

Download Sailing Anemotracker App

Go to the App Store or the Google Store and download the latest version of the Sailing Anemotracker App.

Settings (Slide to the right to make this tab appear)

Once Anemotracker is installed on your device, you need to activate both GPS and Bluetooth.

  • GPS: when Anemotracker is opened for the first time a message like the one shown here will appear on your screen. If "Allow" is pressed, the GPS will run whenever you start Anemotracker. If not, you need to activate your device's location by using it's settings menu (look it up in your device's user manual).
  • BLE: make sure BT mode is running on your device.

When the GPS and the Bluetooth mode are running, your device is ready to connect with your CUPS 4.0. or the ULTRASONIC

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Connecting with CUPS 4.0 or ULTRASONIC (Portable, Wired or WiFi)

  1. Press "Settings" on the menu. Then press "Scan" (on the upper side in a grey rectangle) until a new screen appears, look at the adjacent image.
  2. Select the device you wish and press "OK" to connect, doesn't matter if it is a CUPS or an ULTRASONIC.

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Is my device connected?

Once you have followed the previous steps, the Settings screen will be shown  again now displaying the message "Connected" and your device ID will be like the image here.

To disconnect your device, press "Disconnect" (next to the device ID)

Automatic pairing

Your smartphone gets paired with the last device you have connected.

You don´t have to scan for Bluetooth Sensors, just for the first time, after that, your device will be automatically connected with your smartphone, if you don't want this or you want to connect a new device, you can always press "Disconnect" and choose a new device from the list.

Features on the main menu:

Select Mean or Instant values

Select GPS or Compass data for low speed movement.

You can select between Mean or Instant values of wind, to do this, enable the "Mean values"? by pressing on the switch, it will turn orange, which means that it's showing Mean values.

Tracking option:

You can track your route with different recording intervals:

    Racing (5sec)
    Daysail (1min)
    Cruising (5min)

Wind Vane misalignment correction feature:

Allows you to "calibrate" giving a zero different than 0 °. So if you install the CUPS 4.0 at 90 ° (East), the app will correct the values for the wind to be shown respect to the axis of the boat.

Enhanced tracking Capabilities:

Anemotracker allows you to export your navigation data to excel and Google Earth.

  • Press the "Enable track?" switch so it gets orange and a new menu will be show on your screen. You can select or edit an existing Track or create a new one.

Tracking options:

If you select an existing track, you have to choose whether you want to continue or not. Or you can also edit/export that track by pressing on it till the "Edid Track" tab shows up.

Tracking options - (Edit/Export):

  • The Edit/Export option allows you to change the track’s name and add any comment related to that track.
  • On this screen you will also find the option to export your track’s data as an XLS (Microsoft Excel/Numbers) or a KML (Google Earth). Both buttons are situated in the middle of the screen.
  • In the bottom, you can find the options to save any change made, to delete the track and to cancel any changes.

Export data

You can export data as an XLS document that contains your data, and also with graphics.

Export data as a KML

You can make different records, and export the track as a KML, (visibility to Google Earth)


Settings: Allows you to connect/disconnect CUPS 4.0 and select/deselect "True Wind" option.(Slide to the right to get here)

Four Mode: Main view, showing where you aim, and four customizable variables.

Map: Cruising view, plots the boat on a map and shows two customizable variables

Tridata: Goes to an easy view mode, showing only three customizable variables.

Multiple: Used when you only want data. Shows neither map nor aim, but gives you up to six customizable variables.

Below, we will teach you how to customize the variables in every tab.



Features of the Four Mode:

- Compass appearance:

The needle shows a yellow point, that aims towards you, and a red one that aims backwards you, around them, there's a circle, showing the direction expressed in degrees, when you rotate your mobile, you will see how the circle rotates too, showing you where you are heading to.

- On each corner of the screen, there's a small rectangle, showing you some data, you can change either of the four rectangles to make them show whatever information you need by pressing for about one second one of them, then, a screen will appear asking you to enter a variable, and to choose the unit you want it to be showed. This way you can change all four of them.

- In this mode, you can also change from App to True Wind by pressing anywhere in the compass.


Shows a black square on the top left corner, divided in two rectangles. There, you can press either of them, and a screen will appear, where you can choose the variable you want, and which unit you want it to be measured, just like in "Four Mode", so you can customize the screen to show you the two variables you want, and their units.

Map tab also shows you the compass, where again, you can switch between App and True Wind by pressing it for one second.


Tridata Mode works similar to the map screen, but now, you can choose up to three variables to be shown on your screen, as well as their units, you can customize them the same way you did in the previous tabs, by pressing any of the rectangles for one second till the screen appears, asking you to insert both the variable and the unit.


This tab is basically used when you just want the App to show you raw data. There is no compass and no map, but you can choose up to six variables to be shown on screen, as well as their units of measurement, again you can change them by pressing for one second any of them.