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Feedback of our ULTRASONIC Portable!


Review of Ultrasonic portable anemometer

After many years of Blue Water sailing around the world, I often thought about turning my tablet into a full navigation system, the tablet offer so many opportunities, marine systems do not.
Home in Sweden "Helene" my 32" Arcona is the perfect boat for a tryout.                                                        
My tablet is an iPad mini in a waterproof case, but could be anything else, a small light and very stable devise, compared to marine systems. It is connected to a GPS, using Isailor, and Maxsea as my navigation chart apps.                                                                                                                                                          
When I received the ULTRASONIC anemometer from Calypso, I was very excited to see how this little thing would replace, my 25m cable op the mast, my wind data instrument witch can do nothing else then display the wind, my very expensive masthead unit with rotating parts which needs replacement every now and the, not to mention all the 12v power cables, to the masthead and cockpit where my display is. Now all I have is a tablet and a small solar powered ultrasonic anemometer!                                                                               
Before I installed the small Calypso anemometer, I decided to try it out, I turned on the Bluetooth on my tablet, it connected to the anemometer, and now what!! oh yes I have to install an app, app store Anemotracker install, all done. It took less than 3min, and it worked the first time.                                            
I could now place my anemometer anywhere I please, the next couple of days I moved it around from cockpit, to mast spreader, masthead, I found the cockpit a nice location, it gives good and accurate information, masthead might be better, but cockpit is good enough, and here I can watch the little guy, and feel impressed every time.                                                                                                                                  
Next and final step would be to have Isailor or Maxsea to display the data from the ultrasonic anemometer, they do not offer this option yet, but I’m sure they will soon enough.                                                                  
Using the Calypso “NMEA CONNECT” it should however be possible to change the Bluetooth signal to NMEA and this way make it WiFi and able to display in Isailor or Maxsea, but I did not try this yet.                  
Can only recommend Calypso, and all there nice products!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Morten Bøttcher