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New App for Android, now with Tracking!

Export your navigation data to Google Earth and Excel !

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Download the latest  Sailing Anemotracker version

Go now to the Play store and download the last version of the Sailing Anemtracker App.

Includes some interesting improvements for an optimal navigation with your CUPS 4.0.

All new features are described below; for an introduction to the app use please visit the former tutorial

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New screen settings

New screen settings. It shows you clearly when you are connected to the computer some possibilities: Disconnection, change apparent- actual wind throughswitch and Tracking access.

Compatibility features

sends you a confirmation (optional) when you are successfully connected with your device, and next it creates a new updated device compatibility list.

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New Tracking option

You can make different records. Continue with a record or start a new one. Long press give you the possibility toexport the track to excel and kml (visibility to googleearth, oruxmaps, etc).

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It connects you to the web, so it´s easier to consult the online tutorials.

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New Menu, more intuitive, you have all the features only in one click.

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