iRegatta app fully compatible with CUPS 4.0! | Calypso Marine Instruments

iRegatta app fully compatible with CUPS 4.0!

We are pleased to anounce that the lattest iRegatta app versions do communicate now with CUPS 4.0, getting precise, real-time wind speed and direction directly from your  CUPS 4.0.

If you already own a CUPS 4.0, just get the latest  iRegatta app at Google Play or the Apple Store; link CUPS with your smartphone and just start enjoying it! No change on the hardware side needed, just link them and play. 
During the last few weeks both Calypso and iRegatta developers have teamed up to make it work. Using the "open code tutorial", iRegatta could start working on the new code even without having a real CUPS 4.0 on hand. 
We do want to publicly thank to iRegatta for their great job!!!

Go to the website, in the list of proved hardware for iRegatta, in paragraph anemometers you will see CUPS 4.0.


Search your device

Then you must press the Bluetooth button to start searching for devices:

Select it from the list

In a few seconds your CUPS 4.0 device will be detected, then just select it to get connected