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Introducing NMEA CONNECT 4.0

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Use it with CUPS 4.0 and Ultrasonic PORTABLE

Get CUPS 4.0 or Ultrasonic portable data on a NMEA display.

A NMEA to Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway 

Easy to install - Simple to use - Data logger - Compatible with Ios and Android. 


1- When used on a boat with no CUPS 4.0 or ultrasonic portable, it will allow you by itself to get all your current NMEA 0183 data on your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 (Real time and export).  
2- If you own an anemometer (CUPS or Ultrasonic portable), it will communicate the wind data to your boat’s NMEA 0183 network and displays.   
3- It will also serve you as a wind meter repeater, extending the range some extra 20m. 

**Overall Dimensions : 2 cm high x 9,63 cm long x 4cm width.