Measuring wind conditions on the field helps to optimize your agriculture operation. Whether you are involved in precision agriculture, spraying or irrigation applications, knowing/analyzing wind data is required to maximize efficiency and quality during farming activities.

The Ultra Low Power wired range from Calypso Instruments provides a perfect solution for those who want to measure wind on agriculture applications. Our wind sensors deliver accurate wind speed and direction data allowing the user to connect it to a datalogger/display or send information to the cloud. Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device to withstand under all weather conditions.


Gather, process and analyze wind data for
improved resources management.


Avoid unnecessary expenses and

possible risks when spraying.


Optimize efficiency by controlling the

irrigation systems.



Precision agriculture is closely related to weather conditions. Choosing the best time for producing, planting or harvesting among other farming activities depends on current weather conditions and forecast. Wind speed and direction is one of the main weather variables to monitor.

Monitoring real-time and accurate wind data affecting the crops is critical for precision agriculture. Measuring and tracking wind conditions will assure a better management of the possible risks. 


Spraying is expensive and implies environmental consciousness which requires exquisite chemical management.  Wind conditions (and humidity) directly affect spraying activities and can lead to an inefficient use of pesticides. Monitoring wind speed and direction prevents unnecessary expenses and helps to maintain a safe environment in farms. 


How much and when to irrigate is a crucial decision for any farmer. Evapotranspiration and the crop coefficient factor determine the optimal quantity of water a crop demands. Wind speed and direction are key factors in determining evapotranspiration and thus irrigation flows and timing (how much and when to irrigate).

Uniform irrigation is heavily linked to efficient crop management. Wind is again a relevant variable due to its direct effect on the sprinkler efficiency since it can twist the sprinkler distribution pattern leading to water being applied unevenly. 


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